Skript Build Status

Skript is a plugin for Paper/Spigot, which allows server owners and other people to modify their servers without learning Java. It can also be useful if you do know Java; some tasks are quicker to do with Skript, and so it can be used for prototyping etc.

This Github fork of Skript is based on Mirreski's improvements which was built on Njol's original Skript.


Skript requires Spigot to work. You heard it right, Bukkit does not work. Paper, which is a fork of Spigot, is recommended; it is required for some parts of Skript to be available.

Skript supports only the latest patch versions of Minecraft 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14 and 1.15. For example, this means that 1.12.2 is supported, but 1.12.1 is not. Testing with all old patch versions is not feasible for us.

Minecraft 1.8 and earlier are not, and will not be supported. New Minecraft versions will be supported as soon as possible.


You can find the downloads for each version with their release notes in the releases page.


Documentation is available here for the latest version of Skript.

Reporting Issues

Please see our contribution guidelines before reporting issues.

A Note About Add-ons

We don't support add-ons here, even though some of Skript developers have also developed their own add-ons.


Skript uses Gradle for compilation. Use your command prompt of preference and navigate to Skript's source directory. Then you can just call Gradle to compile and package Skript for you:

./gradlew clean build # on UNIX-based systems (mac, linux)
gradlew clean build # on Windows

You can get source code from the releases page. You may also clone this repository, but that code may or may not be stable.

Compiling Modules

Parts of Skript are provided as Gradle subprojects. They require Skript, so they are compiled after it has been built. For this reason, if you want them embedded in Skript jar, you must re-package it after compiling once. For example:

./gradlew jar

Note that modules are not necessary for Skript to work. Currently, they are only used to provide compatibility with old WorldGuard versions.


Skript has some tests written in Skript. Running them requires a Minecraft server, but our build script can fetch it for you. Running tests is easy:

./gradlew (quickTest|skriptTest|skriptTestFull)

quickTest runs the test suite on newest supported server. skriptTest additionally runs the tests on oldest supported server, and on 1.12 (pre-flattening). skriptTestFull runs tests on ALL supported versions, some of which do not work on Java 9+.

By running tests, you agree to Mojang's End User License Agreement.

Importing to Eclipse

With new Eclipse versions, there is integrated Gradle support, and it actually works now. So, first get latest Eclipse, then import Skript as any Gradle project. Just make sure to keep the configuration when the importer asks for that!

If you encounter strange issues, make sure you follow the instructions above and have actually downloaded latest Eclipse or update your installation correctly. Skript's new Gradle version (starting from dev26) does not work very well with older Eclipse versions. Also, do not use Gradle STS; it is outdated.

Importing to IDEA

You'll need to make sure that nullness annotations are working correctly. Also, when sending pull requests, make sure not to change IDEA configuration files that may have been stored in the repository.


./gradlew clean build
./gradlew <flavor>Release

Available flavors are github and spigot. Please do not abuse flavors by compiling your own test builds as releases.


Please review our contribution guidelines. In addition to that, if you are contributing Java code, check our coding conventions.

Maven Repository

If you use Skript as (soft) dependency for your plugin, and use maven or Gradle, this is for you.

First, you need to add the JitPack repository at the END of all your repositories. Skript is not available in Maven Central.

repositories {
    maven {
        url ''

Or, if you use Maven:


For versions of Skript after dev37 you might need to add the paper-api repository to prevent build issues.

maven {
    url ''

Or, if you use Maven:


Then you will also need to add Skript as a dependency.

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.SkriptLang:Skript:[versionTag]'

An example of the version tag would be dev37c.

Note: If Gradle isn't able to resolve Skript's dependencies, just disable the resolution of transitive dependencies for Skript in your project.

Or, if you use Maven:


Relevant Links

Note that these resources are not maintained by Skript's developers. Don't contact us about any problems you might have with them.


Current team behind Skript:

We should also thank Njol for creating Skript and Mirreski for maintaining it for a long time.

And of course, Skript has received lots of pull requests over time. You can find all contributors here.

All code is owned by its writer, licensed for others under GPLv3 (see LICENSE) unless otherwise specified.