Watsonsim Question Answering System Build Status

Quick Intro

Watsonsim works using a pipeline of operations on questions, candidate answers, and their supporting passages. In many ways it is similar to IBM's Watson, and Petr's YodaQA. It's not all that similar to more logic based systems like OpenCog or Wolfram Alpha. But there are significant differences even from Watson and YodaQA.

Installing the Simulator

Running the Simulator

We recommend running the simulator with Gradle:

gradle run -Ptarget=WatsonSim

But, if you prefer, you can also use Eclipse. First create a project.

gradle eclipse -Ptarget

Then you can run WatsonSim.java directly.

There are a few other features as well

# Generate statistics reports for accuracy and other measurements
gradle run -Ptarget=scripts.ParallelStats
# Regenerate the Indri, Lucene, SemanticVectors, Bigram and Edge indices
gradle run -Ptarget=index.Reindex

Technologies Involved

This list isn't exhaustive, but it should be a good overview



Giving Back

Do you like this project? Then help make it better! We can use all kinds of help, whether you're a scientist, an engineer, or just a curious user!

Also, you may be interested to read (or to cite!) our paper:

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