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This is a proof of concept of the SeaClouds Platform (, integrating a first version of the Discoverer & Planner (considering the Matchmaker process), Deployer, Monitor and SLA Service components, into a Unified Dashboard.

This work is part of the ongoing European research project EC-FP7-ICT-610531 SeaClouds, and it's currently under development.

Building SeaClouds

Building SeaClouds shouldn't be a big deal, however it has the following prerequisites:

After you have been installed all the prerequisites, you can download the master branch of the repository from git with git clone [email protected]:SeaCloudsEU/SeaCloudsPlatform.git and build it with mvn clean install (if you want to skip the tests, please add -DskipTest flag).

Deploy SeaClouds

A deployment of SeaClouds can be launched using Apache Brooklyn. We currently support deployments against Bring Your Own Nodes (BYON) and to all the IaaS provider supported by Apache jclouds.

Setup your environment

Make sure you have Vagrant, Virtualbox

Unless you are running on Ubuntu 12.04.1 64bit server, you may want to setup you local environment first.

Deploying SeaClouds on BYON

Notice: all the SeaClouds services will report a URL similar to To reach it from your browser, you have to reach http: instead.

Deploying SeaClouds on the cloud

SeaClouds release 1.0.0

A detailed description of SeaClouds 1.0.0 release including:

can be found in the Integrated Platform deliverable.


If you want to help us with the development of this project please read carefully our Contributing Guide.


When deploying SeaClouds platform an Apache Brooklyn instance will be started on your workstation, accessible at http://localhost:8081 by default. Please double-check in nohup.out the correct url.

For more information, please visit Apache Brooklyn

How to release it!

In order to release a new version:



Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.