SEPIA Assist-Server

Part of the SEPIA Framework

S.E.P.I.A. Framework

This is the core server of the SEPIA Framework and basically the "brain" of the assistant. It includes multiple modules and microservices exposed via the Assist-API, e.g.:

The SEPIA cross-platform-clients can access the RESTful Assist-API directly and exchange data in JSON format (e.g. for user authentication) or connect to the SEPIA chat-server to send and receive messages. SEPIAs running on this server can log-in to the WebSocket chat-server the same way a user does and communicated via channels with multiple users (or devices) at the same time.

The SEPIA Assist-Server operates as your own cloud-service and is designed to work the same way no matter if you run it on a Raspberry Pi for a small group of users in a private network or when you host it on multiple servers for a larger company network.