Eclipse Plugin for SAP Hybris Commerce

What is it?

This Eclipse plugin makes developers more efficient by taking care of some of the common issues of developing with the SAP Hybris Commerce Suite. For example, with this plugin it's possible to have a new project workspace quickly configured with all project extensions compiling in minutes rather than hours.

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User Guide

This GitHub repository is for managing the source code of the plugin.

To install the plugin visit the Eclipse Marketplace and for up to date documentation, the Application Lifecycle Framework for Commerce: SAP Hybris Commerce development tools for Eclipse.


Plugin is released as a open-source project. If you want to contribute to it, can find more information about setup in Development section and in Code of Conduct

Compile and Install From Source

Execute "mvn install" to create an Eclipse local update site archive in Import it in Eclipse by going to Help -> Install New Software then click the "Add" button