Apache Kafka consumer step plug-in for Pentaho Kettle.

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Using Apache Kafka Consumer in Kettle

Apache Kafka Compatibility

The consumer depends on Apache Kafka, which means that the broker must be of 0.8.x version or later.

If you want to build the plugin for a different Kafka version you have to modify the values of kafka.version and kafka.scala.version in the properties section of the pom.xml.

Maximum Duration Of Consumption

Note that the maximum duration of consumption is a limit on the duration of the entire step, not an individual read. This means that if you have a maximum duration of 5000ms, your transformation will stop after 5s, whether or not more data exists and independent of how fast each message is fetched from the topic. If you want to stop reading messages when the topic has no more messages, see the section on Empty topic handling.

Empty topic handling

If you want the step to halt when there are no more messages available on the topic, check the "Stop on empty topic" checkbox in the configuration dialog. The default timeout to wait for messages is 1000ms, but you can override this by setting the "" property in the dialog. If you configure a timeout without checking the box, an empty topic will be considered a failure case.


  1. Download pentaho-kafka-consumer Zip archive from latest release page.
  2. Extract downloaded archive into plugins/steps directory of your Pentaho Data Integration distribution.

Building from source code

mvn clean package