Based on support-preference from Android Support Library, adding some features.



  1. Add dependencies

    Download (replace <latest-release> below with this)

    Before new packages is added to JCenter, you need to add this.

    maven {
       url "" 

    First you need to choose whether to use appcompat or not.

    For none appcompat users (like me), use packages with "-android" suffix. Note android variant requires API 21+.

    implementation 'moe.shizuku.preference:preference-android:<latest-release>'

    For appcompat users, use packages with "-appcompat" suffix.

    implementation 'moe.shizuku.preference:preference-appcompat:<latest-release>'

    If you want to use SimpleMenuPreference, add this. Note android variant requires API 23+. On pre-API 21, SimpleMenu is downgrade to normal list.

    // android
    implementation 'moe.shizuku.preference:preference-simplemenu-android:<latest-release>'
    // appcompat
    implementation 'moe.shizuku.preference:preference-simplemenu-appcompat:<latest-release>'
  2. Add theme

    Add preferenceTheme to your theme like this.

    <style name="AppTheme" parent="...">
       <item name="preferenceTheme">@style/PreferenceThemeOverlay</item>
  3. sample-android / sample-appcompat provides a full example

Changes for v4.0.0

  1. Rearrange packages, split into non-appcompat and appcompat variants. This will reduce the package count and get rid of accentColorCompat, backgroundCompat or duplicate of resources.

    preference-android equals previous preference + preference-dialog-android

    preference-appcompat equals previous preference + preference-dialog-appcompat + preference-switchcompat

  2. preference_category_material.xml paddingTop 16dp -> 24dp

  3. preference_recyclerview.xml id @+id/list -> @android:id/list