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Dayon! is an easy to use, cross-platform remote desktop assistance solution.

It consists of two parts - one for the assistant and one for the assisted. Both are included in one single package. As quick launch versions for Windows, they are also available as individual binaries.

Key features


Dayon! was originally developed by Marc Polizzi back in 2008.

With his consent, I have taken over the maintenance and further development of this software in late 2016. I also moved the code base to GitHub, where it can easier be maintained.


The latest version is v1.10.0 (Lucky Lobster) - released more than ten years after the initial release.

This version comes with a new connection protocol, allowing the clipboard to be shared between assisted and assistant.

It is most likely the very last version which is bundled with a Java 8 based JRE.




Assistant connected


Dayon! means "Come in!" in Visayas - a local Philippine dialect.


The project can be built with Maven:

mvn clean package

or with Ant:

ant clean build

Have a look at pom.xml or build.xml for details and advanced options.


Any feedback and contributions are very welcome.

You don't have to be a programmer!

For example translations for additional languages would make this app more useful for more earthlings - see: src/main/java/mpo/dayon/common/babylon/ or docs

Some additional testing, especially on macOS would also be highly appreciated.