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Implementation of a bot that performs automatic refactorings based on the results of static code analysis. The changes are made available to the developers as pull requests for easy review. It is possible to interact with the bot through natural language line comments in the proposed pull requests.


Developer Usage Instructions

Before you can use the bot locally, the following steps need to be executed.

  1. The bot needs access to a MySQL DB instance to save its data. Use an existing one, download MySQL for your OS, or create a docker container via docker run --name refactoring-bot-db -p 3306:3306 -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=root -d mysql:latest.
  2. In this MySQL instance, you need to create a schema with the name refactoringbot_db and make sure the user for the bot has access rights to this schema.
  3. Copy the configuration file src/main/resources/application_example.yml and rename it to src/main/resources/application.yml. In this new file, potentially change the datasource attributes depending on your MySQL instance.
  4. Execute the command mvn install to create the executable JAR file for the bot.
  5. Run the created JAR file via java -jar ./target/RefactoringBot-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar. The API should now be available at http://localhost:8808 and the SwaggerUI will open in the browser.

Docker Support: Please refer to our Docker Repository for detailed usage instructions with docker or docker-compose.


We are happy about any kind of contribution which can improve the Refactoring-Bot. Feature requests, bug reports and questions can be created informally via Issues. To contribute a change to the source code, just have a look at our contributing guidelines. Please make sure you have created an issue on your change beforehand. This way, we try to avoid unnecessary effort or multiple people doing the same revision at the same time.