The RMLMapper execute RML rules to generate Linked Data. It is a Java library, which is available via the command line (API docs online). The RMLMapper loads all data in memory, so be aware when working with big datasets.

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The RMLMapper is build using Maven: mvn install. A standalone jar can be found in /target.



The following options are most common.

All options can be found when executing java -jar rmlmapper.jar --help, that output is found below.

usage: java -jar mapper.jar <options>
 -c,--configfile <arg>            path to configuration file
 -d,--duplicates                  remove duplicates in the output
 -dsn,--r2rml-jdbcDriver <arg>    DSN of the database when using R2RML rules
 -e,--metadatafile <arg>          path to output metadata file
 -f,--functionfile <arg>          one or more function file paths (dynamic functions with relative paths are found relative to the cwd)
 -h,--help                        show help info
 -l,--metadataDetailLevel <arg>   generate metadata on given detail level
                                  (dataset - triple - term)
 -m,--mappingfile <arg>           one or more mapping file paths and/or
                                  strings (multiple values are
                                  concatenated). r2rml is converted to rml 
                                  if needed using the r2rml arguments.
 -o,--outputfile <arg>            path to output file (default: stdout)
 -p,--r2rml-password <arg>        password of the database when using R2RML rules
 -s,--serialization <arg>         serialization format (nquads (default),
                                  turtle, trig, trix, jsonld, hdt)
 -t,--triplesmaps <arg>           IRIs of the triplesmaps that should be
                                  executed in order, split by ',' (default
                                  is all triplesmaps)
 -u,--r2rml-username <arg>        username of the database when using R2RML rules
 -v,--verbose                     show more details in debugging output

Accessing Oracle Database

You need to add the Oracle JDBC driver manually to the class path if you want to access an Oracle Database. The required driver is ojdbc8.

java -cp 'rmlmapper.jar:ojdbc8-' be.ugent.rml.cli.Main -m rules.rml.ttl

The options do the following:


An example of how you can use the RMLMapper as an external library can be found at ./src/test/java/be/ugent/rml/readme/ReadmeTest.java


You can use Docker to run the RMLMapper by following these steps:

The same parameters are available as via the CLI. The RMLMapper is executed in the /data folder in the Docker container.

Including functions

There are two ways to include (new) functions within the RML Mapper

Registration of functions is done using a Turtle file, which you can find in src/main/resources/functions.ttl

The snippet below for example links an fno:function to a library, provided by a jar-file (GrelFunctions.jar).

@prefix dcterms: <http://purl.org/dc/terms/> .
@prefix doap:    <http://usefulinc.com/ns/doap#> .
@prefix fno:     <https://w3id.org/function/ontology#> .
@prefix fnoi:    <https://w3id.org/function/vocabulary/implementation#> .
@prefix fnom:    <https://w3id.org/function/vocabulary/mapping#> .
@prefix grel:    <http://users.ugent.be/~bjdmeest/function/grel.ttl#> .
@prefix grelm:   <http://fno.io/grel/rmlmapping#> .
@prefix rdfs:    <http://www.w3.org/2000/01/rdf-schema#> .

grel:toUpperCase a fno:Function ;
  fno:name "to Uppercase" ;
  rdfs:label "to Uppercase" ;
  dcterms:description "Returns the input with all letters in upper case." ;
  fno:expects ( grel:valueParam ) ;
  fno:returns ( grel:stringOut ) .

    a                  fnoi:JavaClass ;
    doap:download-page "GrelFunctions.jar" ;
    fnoi:class-name    "io.fno.grel.StringFunctions" .

    a                    fnoi:Mapping ;
    fno:function         grel:toUpperCase ;
    fno:implementation   grelm:javaString ;
    fno:methodMapping    [ a                fnom:StringMethodMapping ;
                           fnom:method-name "toUppercase" ] .

Dynamic loading

Just put the java or jar-file in the resources folder, at the root folder of the jar-location, or the parent folder of the jar-location, it will be found dynamically.

Note: the java or jar-files are found relative to the cwd. You can change the functions.ttl path (or use multiple functions.ttl paths) using a commandline-option (-f).


This overrides the dynamic loading. An example of how you can use Preload a custom function can be found at ./src/test/java/be/ugent/rml/readme/ReadmeFunctionTest.java


Run the tests via test.sh.


Make sure you have Docker running.



Dependency License
com.spotify docker client Apache License 2.0
com.h2database h2 Eclipse Public License 1.0 & Mozilla Public License 2.0
com.googlecode.zohhak GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0
com.microsoft.sqlserver mssql-jdbc MIT
ch.vorbuger.mariaDB4j Apache License 2.0
mysql-connector-java GNU General Public License v2.0
com.google.guava Apache License 2.0
javax.xml.parsers jaxp-api Apache License 2.0
com.jayway.jsonpath Apache License 2.0
junit Eclipse Public License 1.0
org.eclipse.rdf4j rdf4j-runtime Eclipse Public License 1.0
commons-cli Apache License 2.0
commons-csv Apache License 2.0
commons-lang Apache License 2.0
ch.qos.logback Eclipse Public License 1.0 & GNU Lesser General Public License 2.1
org.rdfhdt.hdt-jena GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0
io.fno.grel MIT

Commercial Support

Do you need...

You're welcome to contact us in regards to on-premise, enterprise, and internal installations, integrations, and deployments.

We have commercial support available.

We also offer consulting for all-things-RML.


XML file parsing performance

The RMLMapper's XML parsing implementation (javax.xml.parsers) has been chosen to support full XPath. This implementation causes a large memory consumption (up to ten times larger than the original XML file size). However, the RMLMapper can be easily adapted to use a different XML parsing implementation that might be better suited for a specific use case.

Language tag support

The processor checks whether correct language tags are not, using a regular expression. The regex has no support for languages of length 5-8, but this currently only applies to 'qaa..qtz'.


Generate static files at /docs/apidocs with:

mvn javadoc:javadoc

UML Diagrams

Architecture UML Diagram

How to generate with IntelliJ IDEA

(Requires Ultimate edition)

Sequence Diagram

Edit on draw.io