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QuickLyric is an android app that instantly fetches your lyrics for you. Its main perks is that it's very fast, features Material Design as well as a search engine, a Karaoke mode, the downloading of all your lyrics on your device & some handy settings. While most lyrics app require you to type the name of the song you're searching for or annoy you with tedious notifications every time the song has changed, QuickLyric automatically detects what song is playing on your device and instantly delivers the lyrics to you.

QuickLyric is written in Java and runs on phones and tablets equipped with Android 4.0 or higher. The build system relies on Gradle and Android Studio is therefore recommended.


Can I fork this project, put it on the Google Play Store and put my ads on it?

Unless you meet all the criteria, the short answer is "No and I will get your fork taken down".

A longer answer is here.

How can I integrate QuickLyric into my music player?

If you want to add a button that says "show lyrics in QuickLyric" (or something like that) in your app, you can find some instructions in the Wiki.


Dowload from Google Play

Download from F-Droid

or on the original F-Droid page.

Note: The F-Droid page is currently not up to date, they still have a build from 2 years ago. The Google Play version contains some teeny tiny portions of code that are not public (monetization, handling copyrighted content, etc.)




What QuickLyric needs most right now is translations! If you're bilingual you can submit translations over at Crowdin (no need to register, just use your GitHub/Google/Facebook/Twitter account).

Every translator may request 1 free beer if they stop by Brussels. ;)

Open Source Contributors

If you want to expand the lyrics catalog, check out the wiki.

Don't be afraid to contribute! I welcome all forks & pull requests but please, if you want to fork QL, immediately update com.geecko.quicklyric.Keys with your own keys (Spotify, Genius, ..).


Credits are listed in the app in the about section


Static Sync Search Saved Settings