A respawn of Google MyTracks

MyTracks is a GPS tracking application, that was open-sourced by Google on May 28, 2010. It is licensed under the terms of Apache License 2.0.

On 2014, Google announced updates will no longer be published as open-source, and source will be removed from Google Code on January 01, 2015.

On January 29, 2016, Google announced MyTracks will no longer be available after April 30, 2016. The application has been removed from Google Play.

The last open source version available is 2.0.6, released in February 2014. This fork is based on this version.

Releases since 2.0.5 :

Version Release date Min SDK Changelog
2.0.11 January 28, 2016 14
2.0.10 April 29, 2015 14 A new map layer, Earth, for viewing tracks in 3D
2.0.9 December 11, 2014 9 Sync to Google Fit
2.0.8 October 16, 2014 9 Support Android Wear. Remove sharing with other apps on the phone
2.0.7 June 18, 2014 9 Export to Google Maps Engine. Remove export to Google Fusion Tables and Google Maps
2.0.6 Jan 30, 2014 9 Insert photo markers. Calculate calories burned Play multiple tracks in Google Earth

More information about Google MyTracks:

How to build

Two Google API keys are needed to build this project:

Those keys can be obtained using the Google API console.

As keys are not meant to be shared, they are located in their own value file: /myTracks/src/main/res/values/apikeys.xml, which is git-ignored. This means you have to create it in your local project to be able to build. Here is how it should look:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <string name="backup_api_key">xxxxxx</string>
  <string name="maps_api_key">yyyyyy</string>

Once you have added this file, the project should be able to find and use your keys.

Note: you can use any other file if you prefer than apikeys.xml, but in that case be careful to not commit it.