Serverless Programming Cookbook

Serverless Programming Cookbook

This is the code repository for Serverless Programming Cookbook, published by Packt.

Practical solutions to building serverless applications using Java and AWS

What is this book about?

Managing physical servers will be a thing of the past once you’re able to harness the power of serverless computing. If you’re already prepped with the basics of serverless computing, Serverless Programming Cookbook will help you take the next step ahead. This recipe-based guide provides solutions to problems you might face while building serverless applications.

This book covers the following exciting features: Serverless computing in AWS and explore services with other clouds Develop full-stack apps with API Gateway, Cognito, Lambda and DynamoDB Web hosting with S3, CloudFront, Route 53 and AWS Certificate Manager SQS and SNS for effective communication between microservices Monitoring and troubleshooting with CloudWatch logs and metrics Explore Kinesis Streams, Amazon ML models and Alexa Skills Kit

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Instructions and Navigations

All of the code is organized into folders. For example, Chapter02.

The code will look like the following:

 Type: AWS::ApiGateway::RestApi
 Name: Greeting API

Following is what you need for this book: For developers looking for practical solutions to common problems while building a serverless application, this book provides helpful recipes. To get started with this intermediate-level book, knowledge of basic programming is a must.

With the following software and hardware list you can run all code files present in the book (Chapter 1-10).

Software and Hardware List

Chapter Software required OS required
1 AWS account Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (Any)
10 Azure account, IBM cloud account, Google cloud account Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (Any)

How to use the code files

Completed code and AWS CLI commands for each chapter wherever applicable are present with the code files.

Each chapter has a directory of its own (e.g. Chapter 1).

Inside the chapter's directory there will be subdirectories for each recipe which has code files and/or AWS CLI commands. The recipe specific directory has names corresponding to the recipe's title. For example, directory for the Chapter 1 recipe titled 'Your first Lambda' is 'your-first-lambda'.

Inside the recipe's directory there will be directory for storing all resources including the AWS CLI commands called 'resources'.

The recipe's directory also contains a subdirectory for each Lambda project. You need to run 'mvn clean package' for generating the Lambda jar from within this directory. You can also run the S3 upload command for the generated Lambda JAR from this directory. The remainder of the CLI commands may be run from the recipe's root folder or the 'resources' folder.

Before running 'mvn clean package' for any Lambda project, you should run 'mvn clean install' from within the common Lambda parent project's directory 'serverless-cookbook-parent-aws-java', if not already done.

Special handling for Windows operating system.

Within AWS CLI commands file, long commands are split into multiple lines for better readability using the '\' symbol. If you are using a Windows machine you can use the '^' symbol instead of the '\' symbol in the code files or make a single line command without the '\' symbol.

Also check the alternative solutions section below.

Alternative Solutions

Code examples within the book follows the AWS documentation style and is tested primarily on Mac operating system. It should also work on most Unix based operating systems such as Linux. For people using other operating systems such as Windows operating system, we will include alternative solutions within each recipe where we feel it is needed.

If you find difficulty in executing any command then you may refer to the alternative_solutions folder within the resources directory for a recipe. You may also raise a issue on this GitHub repository page if you cannot find an alternative solution. However, please check all previous issues before raising a new issue.

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