Hands-On Cloud-Native Applications with Java and Quarkus, published by Packt

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Build high performance, Kubernetes-native Java serverless applications

What is this book about?

Hands-On Cloud Native Applications with Java and Quarkus is a complete end-to-end development guide which will help you get hands-on experience with building Kubernetes native applications in serverless environments. You will learn how to address a wider range of distributed application architectures with this fun to use a full-stack framework.

This book covers the following exciting features:

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Instructions and Navigations

All of the code is organized into folders. For example, Chapter02.

The code will look like the following:

// Create new JSON for Order #1
    objOrder = Json.createObjectBuilder()
        .add("id", new Long(1))
        .add("item", "mountain bike")
        .add("price", new Long(100))

Following is what you need for this book: The book is for Java developers and software architects?who are interested in learning a promising microservice architecture for building reliable and robust applications. Knowledge of Java, Spring Framework, and REST APIs is assumed.

With the following software and hardware list you can run all code files present in the book (Chapter 1-).

Software and Hardware List

Chapter Software required OS required
1 GRAAL_VM 19.2.1 Linux/MacOS/Windows
2 Docker 1.13.1 or newer Linux/MacOS/Windows
3 Minishift Linux/MacOS/Windows

We also provide a PDF file that has color images of the screenshots/diagrams used in this book. Click here to download it.

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Get to Know the Author

Francesco Marchioni is a Red Hat Certified JBoss Administrator (RHCJA) and Sun Certified Enterprise Architect (SCEA) working at Red Hat in Rome, Italy. He started learning Java in 1997, and since then he has followed all the newest application program interfaces released by Sun. In 2000, he joined the JBoss community, when the application server was running the 2.X release.

He has spent years as a software consultant, where he has enabled many successful software migrations from vendor platforms to open source products, such as JBoss AS, fulfilling the tight budget requirements necessitated by the current economy. Over the last 10 years, he has authored many technical articles for?O'Reilly?Media and has run an IT portal focused on JBoss products.

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