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The original PvP Game Manager for Minecraft.


Back in 2011, a Minecraft map creator named dewtroid released a PvP map called Airship Battle. At the time, there were no comprehensive Bukkit plugins to manage PvP matches, so everything was done manually. Then, two young developers named Apple and Anxuiz came along and created the first version of "PGM" (also known as PvP Game Manager) to automate the process of playing PvP matches. Later, they would establish the popular Minecraft server network, Overcast Network (also know as After the network went through a cycle of hyper-growth, stabilization, and eventual closure in 2016, its plugins were open sourced for the community to enjoy.

This project is an earlier fork of those plugins with three major changes: 1) using Minecraft 1.8, the biggest ask by the community, 2) no backend, website, or API to make server hosting more cost effective, and 3) no dependency injection to make contributing more accessible.


  1. LICENSE - any forks or modifications to this project must be kept public.
  2. CODE_OF_CONDUCT - guidelines that contributors and server owners must agree to.
  3. RUNNING - how to host and run a PGM server.
  4. CONTRIBUTING - how to build, compile, and submit changes to the project.


The lead maintainer of this project is Electroid, a former administrator and software developer at As the project grows, we'll scale the governance model to meet those needs. If you're interested in donating to the project or running PGM commercially, contact him for more information.