RuneScape Classic is made and owned by Jagex Ltd. and this project is not in any way affiliated with them.

The code is licensed under GPLv3 in hopes of protecting people from malicious modifications.

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Changes since RSC went offline


All features that modify the interface can be disabled if desired.

Chat Commands

::help - displays all keyboard commands and chat commands in game

::[skillname] - Tells skill level and xp in chat

::next_[skillname] - Tells how much xp needed until next level in chat

::total - Shows total level and total xp in chat

::fatigue - Shows the fatigue percentage accurately in chat

::screenshot - Take screenshot (Saved in the screenshots directory)

::sleep - Sleep, provided you have a sleeping bag in inventory

::banksearch [aWord] - Searches current bank state for banked items containing "aWord". Note that withdrawing all of a certain item's type will push it to the end of the bank and thus withdrawing all should not be done if your bank is tidy. To exit the search mode, speak to the banker again.

::togglestartsearchedbank [[aWord]] - Toggle between searchable bank mode and normal mode; specifying the parameter updates the search keyword stored.

::togglebypassattack - Toggle bypass right click attack

::toggleroofs - Toggle roof hiding

::togglecolor - Toggle colored text in terminal

::togglecombat - Toggle combat experience menu

::togglefatigue - Toggle fatigue alert

::debug - Toggle debug mode

::togglelogindetails - Toggle IP/Dns login details shown at welcome screen

::toggletwitch - Toggle twitch chat hidden/shown

::toggleiteminfo - Toggle Item info

::togglenpcinfo - Toggle NPC info

::toggleplayerinfo - Toggle Player info

::togglehitbox - Toggle hitboxes for NPC info

::togglexpdrops - Toggle XP drops

::togglefatiguedrops - Toggle fatigue drops

::fov \<value> - Change FoV to specified value (range of 7 to 16)

::logout - Logout

::togglefriendinfo - Toggle Player info for Friends only

::toggleposition - Toggle player's position

::toggleretrofps - Toggle retro FPS overlay (Early RSC style)

::toggleinvcount - Toggle the overlay of current inventory used

::togglebuffs - Toggle combat (de)buffs and cooldowns display

::togglestatusdisplay - Toggle Hits/Prayer/Fatigue display

::cmb - WARNING! Because of color codes, this command will break the character limit and may be bannable. Don't send this command across PM to RS2/RS3 because they'll see a bunch of RS1 color codes and you may get banned if you're reported. Mimic's osbuddy's !cmb; outputs combat level (with decimal), Att, Str, Def, Hits, Ranged, Magic, and Prayer levels.

::cmbnocolor - Mimic's osbuddy's !cmb; doesn't use color codes and is within character limits

::xmas - Formats your message in festive Red Green and White colours

::rainbow - Formats your message in all the colours of the rainbow (or at least 6)

::system - Hides your username and outputs your message

::update - Manually check if RSC+ is up to date


All keybinds are configurable via the Settings GUI



Streaming & Privacy

Replay (only used while a recording is played back)



I will not accept any game automation features (macroing, etc.)

Building Build Status

You must have git, apache-ant, and jdk 1.7 or 1.8 installed to do this.

git clone
cd rscplus
ant dist

The result should be in the dist folder.

There is an Eclipse project in the source root you can import.

If you are running rsc+ in Eclipse and want colorized console output, you may want to use an extension called ANSI Escape in Console and add -Djansi.passthrough=true to VM arguments for your run configuration.

If you are running rsc+ in IntelliJ IDEA and want colorized console output, you need to add -Djansi.passthrough=true to VM options for your run configuration.

If you are running rsc+ from console, and want to output console text with colorization to a log file, add -Djansi.passthrough=true to your java arguments.


Check here for contributors

Thanks to Warriorccc0 (Brinner) for testing various things on Windows.