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POJO Testing & Identity Management Made Trivial

Maven Group Plugin Latest Version
com.openpojo.openpojo 0.8.13
com.googlecode.openpojo.openpojo 0.6.5 - Deprecated

Testing Example

public class PojoTest {
  // Configured for expectation, so we know when a class gets added or removed.
  private static final int EXPECTED_CLASS_COUNT = 1;

  // The package to test
  private static final String POJO_PACKAGE = "com.openpojo.sample";

  public void ensureExpectedPojoCount() {
    List <PojoClass> pojoClasses = PojoClassFactory.getPojoClasses(POJO_PACKAGE,
                                                                   new FilterPackageInfo());
    Affirm.affirmEquals("Classes added / removed?", EXPECTED_CLASS_COUNT, pojoClasses.size());

  public void testPojoStructureAndBehavior() {
    Validator validator = ValidatorBuilder.create()
                            // Add Rules to validate structure for POJO_PACKAGE
                            // See com.openpojo.validation.rule.impl for more ...
                            .with(new GetterMustExistRule())
                            .with(new SetterMustExistRule())
                            // Add Testers to validate behaviour for POJO_PACKAGE
                            // See com.openpojo.validation.test.impl for more ...
                            .with(new SetterTester())
                            .with(new GetterTester())

    validator.validate(POJO_PACKAGE, new FilterPackageInfo());

Identity Management Example

public class Person {
  @BusinessKey(caseSensitive = false)  //Configure your field(s)
  private String lastName;

  public boolean equals(Object obj) {
    return BusinessIdentity.areEqual(this, obj);

  public int hashCode() {
    return BusinessIdentity.getHashCode(this);

  public String toString() {
      return BusinessIdentity.toString(this);

For more examples and the tutorials see the Wiki