OpenBD is the worlds first truly open source and free GPLv3.0 Java CFML runtime. OpenBD has a long legacy, first created in 2000, it is still going strong with active additions and fixes.

Official Website

The official website for OpenBD is located:

Here you will find the manual for both OpenBD and the CFML tags. You can obtain the nightly build as well as the established releases

Running OpenBD

You can run OpenBD quickly without all the hassle of setting and configuring a JEE server. Use the JettyDesktop launcher - instructions on use located at the JettyDesktop Wiki. This will run the OpenBD WAR file easily and quickly.

Official Support

OpenBD is owned and maintained by aw2.0 Ltd. Official support subscriptions can be purchased from aw2.0 Ltd.

For more details visit:

Community Mailing List

An active Google Groups list can be found:!forum/openbluedragon

Building OpenBD

You will require the following tools to be able to build OpenBD from source:

Optional, OpenBD source drop includes an Eclipse project to enable building and debugging under the Eclipse IDE ( All files required to build the core OpenBD JAR/WAR is contained within this GitHub project.

All the necessary scripts and resources are in the ./build/ folder. The build.xml will build the core WAR file, the OpenBlueDragon.jar file as well as popping in the manual if you desire.

If you are just updating the core OpenBD JAR file in an already existing installation then 'ant compile' will create the file: ./build/targets/OpenBlueDragon.jar. You can then drop this file over the top of an existing installation if you are say upgrading a minor update. The ReleaseNotes.txt will indicate if a full /WEB-INF/lib/ folder update is required.

'ant war' will build a standard JEE WAR file that can be dropped into any JEE application server, such as Jetty, Tomcat or JBoss. 'ant war-with-manual' will build the standard JEE war but will also pull in the latest 'openbd-manual' ( and add that as part of the distribution.

All output from the ant scripts will be in the /build/targets/