Confluence ONLYOFFICE integration plugin

This plugin enables users to edit office documents from Confluence using ONLYOFFICE Document Server - Community or Integration Edition.


The plugin allows to:

Supported formats:

Installing ONLYOFFICE Document Server

You will need an instance of ONLYOFFICE Document Server that is resolvable and connectable both from Confluence and any end clients (version 3.0 and later are supported for use with the plugin). ONLYOFFICE Document Server must also be able to POST to Confluence directly.

You can install free Community version of ONLYOFFICE Document Server or scalable enterprise-level Integration Edition.

To install free Community version, use Docker (recommended) or follow these instructions for Debian, Ubuntu, or derivatives.

To install Integration Edition, follow instructions here.

Community Edition vs Integration Edition comparison can be found here.

Installing Confluence ONLYOFFICE integration plugin

Upload the compiled target/onlyoffice-confluence-plugin.jar to Confluence on the Manage add-ons page.

The latest compiled package files are available here and on Atlassian Marketplace.

You could also install plugin from Confluence administration panel:

  1. Navigate to Manage add-ons page.
  2. Click Find new apps or Find new add-ons on the left panel.
  3. Locate ONLYOFFICE Connector for Confluence using search.
  4. Click Install to download and install the app.

Configuring Confluence ONLYOFFICE integration plugin

Find the uploaded ONLYOFFICE Confluence plugin on the Manage add-ons page. Click Configure and enter the name of the server with the ONLYOFFICE Document Server installed:


Compiling Confluence ONLYOFFICE integration plugin

You will need:

How it works

The ONLYOFFICE integration follows the API documented here

ONLYOFFICE Document Server editions

ONLYOFFICE offers different versions of its online document editors that can be deployed on your own servers.

ONLYOFFICE Document Server:

The table below will help you make the right choice.

Pricing and licensing Community Edition Integration Edition
Get it now Start Free Trial
Cost FREE Go to the pricing page
Simultaneous connections up to 20 maximum As in chosen pricing plan
Number of users up to 20 recommended As in chosen pricing plan
License GNU AGPL v.3 Proprietary
Support Community Edition Integration Edition
Documentation Help Center Help Center
Standard support GitHub or paid One year support included
Premium support Buy Now Buy Now
Services Community Edition Integration Edition
Conversion Service + +
Document Builder Service + +
Interface Community Edition Integration Edition
Tabbed interface + +
White Label - -
Integrated test example (node.js) - +
Plugins & Macros Community Edition Integration Edition
Plugins + +
Macros + +
Collaborative capabilities Community Edition Integration Edition
Two co-editing modes + +
Comments + +
Built-in chat + +
Review and tracking changes + +
Display modes of tracking changes + +
Version history + +
Document Editor features Community Edition Integration Edition
Font and paragraph formatting + +
Object insertion + +
Adding Content control - +
Editing Content control + +
Layout tools + +
Table of contents + +
Navigation panel + +
Comparing Documents - +*
Spreadsheet Editor features Community Edition Integration Edition
Font and paragraph formatting + +
Object insertion + +
Functions, formulas, equations + +
Table templates + +
Pivot tables +** +**
Presentation Editor features Community Edition Integration Edition
Font and paragraph formatting + +
Object insertion + +
Animations + +
Presenter mode + +
Notes + +
Get it now Start Free Trial

* It's possible to add documents for comparison from your local drive or from URL. Adding files for comparison from storage is not available yet.

** Changing style and deleting (Full support coming soon)