nRF Blinky is an application developed targeting an audience of developers who are new to Bluetooth Low Energy. This is a very simple application with two basic features to turn on LED 3 on the nRF DK and to receive the Button 1 press event from a nRF DK on the nRF Blinky Application. It demonstrates how to the BleManager class from Android BLE Library library can be used from View Model (see Architecture Components).

Nordic LED and Button Service

Service UUID: 00001523-1212-EFDE-1523-785FEABCD123

A simplified proprietary service by Nordic Semiconductor, containing two characteristics one to control LED 3 and Button 1:

For full specification, check out documentation.


Installation and usage

Prepare your Development kit.

For your convenience, we have bundled two firmwares in this project under the Firmwares directory.

To get the latest firmwares and check the source code, you may go directly to our Developers website and download the SDK version you need. Then, find the source code and hex files in the directory /examples/ble_peripheral/ble_app_blinky/.

More information about the nRF Blinky example firmware can be found in the documentation.


In order to scan for Bluetooth LE device the Location permission must be granted and, on some phones, the Location must be enabled. This app will not use the location information in any way.