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Genie is a federated job orchestration engine developed by Netflix. Genie provides REST-ful APIs to run a variety of big data jobs like Hadoop, Pig, Hive, Spark, Presto, Sqoop and more. It also provides APIs for managing the metadata of many distributed processing clusters and the commands and applications which run on them.


See the official website to find documentation about Genie and specific documentation for various releases.


Genie has demo instructions available for all 3.x.x releases. Please see the release you're interested in demoing on the releases page. Click on the release and then demo docs.


Genie builds are run on Travis CI here.

Branch Build Coverage ( Coverage (
master Build Status Coverage Status codecov
3.3.x Build Status Coverage Status codecov
3.2.x Build Status Coverage Status codecov
3.1.x Build Status Coverage Status codecov
3.0.x Build Status Coverage Status codecov


Successful builds will also generate a docker image which is published to Docker Hub.

App Image

App Image

This is the image for the sample Spring Boot all in one jar. You can use docker pull netflixoss/genie-app:{version} to test the one you want.

You can run via docker run -t --rm -p 8080:8080 netflixoss/genie-app:{version}

Python Client

The Genie Python client has been moved into its own repo.