Conductor is an orchestration engine that runs in the cloud.

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Conductor builds are run on Travis CI here.

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Documentation & Getting Started

Getting Started guide.

Get Conductor

Binaries are available from Maven Central and jcenter.

Below are the various artifacts published:

Artifact Description
conductor-common Common models used by various conductor modules
conductor-core Core Conductor module
conductor-redis-persistence Persistence using Redis/Dynomite
conductor-es5-persistence Indexing using Elasticsearch 5.X
conductor-jersey Jersey JAX-RS resources for the core services
conductor-ui node.js based UI for Conductor
conductor-contribs Optional contrib package that holds extended workflow tasks and support for SQS
conductor-client Java client for Conductor that includes helpers for running a worker tasks
conductor-server Self contained Jetty server
conductor-test-harness Used for building test harness and an in-memory kitchensink demo


To build the server, use the following dependencies in your classpath:

Deploying Jersey JAX-RS resources

Add the following packages to classpath scan:

Conductor relies on the guice (4.0+) for the dependency injection. Persistence has a guice module to wire up appropriate interfaces:

Database Requirements

Other Requirements

Get Support

Conductor is maintained by Media Workflow Infrastructure team at Netflix. Use github issue tracking for any support request.


Whether it is a small doc correction, bug fix or adding new module to support some crazy feature, contributions are highly appreciated. We just ask to follow standard oss guidelines. And to reiterate, please check with us before spending too much time, only to find later that someone else is already working on similar feature.

dev branch is the current working branch, while master branch is current stable branch. Please send your PR's to dev branch, making sure that it builds on your local system successfully. Also, please make sure all the conflicts are resolved.

Feel free to create an issue with a label: question, with any questions or requests for help.


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