TL;DR description

PADListener is an Android application aimed at synchronizing your PAD monster box to PADherder. It's similar to padherder_sync or, but doesn't require a computer.

You can watch a demonstration on youtube.

To sum up, this application starts a local proxy on your Android device and captures the data sent by GungHo servers to PAD. It then syncs your monster box using PADherder's APIs.


I'd like to thank Freddie for his great work on PADherder and its API. I use the following libraries :


First of all, intercepting PAD requests to GungHo servers could potentially get you banned. As this application does not tamper with the data, I don't think GungHo could be aware of the capture. But you never know ...

Depending on the chosen settings, this application will modify your WiFi settings. If something goes wrong, the proxy can crash. You would have to manually edit your WiFi settings to unset the proxy.

And finally, this application could mess up a sync and corrupt your PADherder's account. I suggest you back it up first.

Longer description

This application can :

Building the application

If you want to build the application yourself, you can use gradle.

To set up the build, you need to set up the android sdk home with one of the following methods :

If you want a properly sign apk, you should create a properties file containing your keystore information (cf the example You need to reference this properties file with one of the following methods :

To build a debug APK :