Neembuu Uploader

Neembuu Uploader v3.5.0 is a free and open-source Java application that uploads files simultaneously to multiple file-hosts and lets you manage the download and delete URLs. Currently 187 major hosts are supported.



- Simply Drag and drop any number of files to upload
- Users can set maximum no. of simultaneous upload
- Minimize to Tray
- Login support for uploading files to user's account
- Copy or goto multiple download/delete urls at once
- Export and manage uploaded files' links
- Retry failed uploads
- Saves queued files on exit for uploading later
- Provides delete links to delete the uploaded files later
- Ability to change the order of uploads
- Notifies if new version available automatically
- Settings Dialog for customization
- Multiple Languages supported
- Portable
- Cross-Platform
- Upload entire folders (including all files within sub-directories)

How to use Neembuu Uploader