MyTown2 Build Status Release

Version 2 of MyTown - A Minecraft Server Protection Mod

Protections contained at:


MyTown2 Builds:

MyEssentials-Core Builds:

MyPermission Builds:

(To run this, you need MyTown2, MyEssentials-Core and MyPermissions!)



You are welcome to include MyTown in any modpacks. Credits/links are appriciated, but not mandatory.

Submitting Pull Requests


The license for MyTown 2 can be found here Its the "unlicense"

Requesting Features

When requesting a new feature, be clear with what your requesting, and mark it as enhancement. If it is a feature that requires protection for a specific mod please, please, please, tell me what exactly to protect from in said mod as some of us may not know much about the mod.