Civs - Complete RPG Plugin

What is Civs? Civs is a comprehensive, highly configurable RPG mechanics plugin. Mainly focused on Land Management via Towns and Regions. Also includes a robust class system.

Installation: Civs has a pre-configured version which is distributed by our team. It's ready to plug-and-play and also comes with a variety of custom regions, classes and skills. For a starting server, the default settings are enough to give an idea of how this plugin works. If you have any questions, first, check our wiki and if you don't find the answer, just open a ticket on our GitHub. Wiki Link:


Discord Link: KDqVjdx

Official Server: We're currently working on building an official test server for players and admins to test our plugin. If you wish to join our test server, feel free to join our discord, we'll be releasing more updates soon!

WARNING: Civs is a Work in Progress project!

Its not ready yet, so please report any bug you find and help us improve and make this dream project come true! Thanks for reading!