Emerging Technology Emerging Technology

A Minecraft mod exploring emerging technologies by MoonManModding

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The mod was made with Forge version


Download at CurseForge


Emerging Technology works with the following mods:

Untested but likely compatible:

Currently incompatible with power/crops:

The mod should be compatible with any mods whose plants implement IGrowable and IPlantable, but there are bound to be exceptions. If you are using a mod which does not appear to work with Grow Beds, please create a new Issue above.

Most machines can also be integrated into OpenComputers. Take a look at the example program for more details.


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About 🔬

This mod is in beta, and also my first mod, so please be patient if you find bugs. Post any problems in the Issues tab in this repository. Feel free to also add requests for future updates.

I'm a freelance developer with bills to pay, but I will try to keep this mod as updated and bug-free as possible while adding new content. Kind thanks to r/feedthebeast for your support and feedback 😍