Dashchan is imageboards client for Android.

Read the project wiki for further information.

Packages List

Client application: Dashchan.apk.
Video player libraries: DashchanWebm.apk.


Chan Name Host Extension Package Link
allchan allchan.su DashchanAllchan.apk
alphachan alphachan.org DashchanAlphachan.apk
alterchan alterchan.in DashchanAlterchan.apk
anonfm anon.fm DashchanAnonfm.apk
apachan apachan.net DashchanApachan.apk
bonzibuddy 76chan.org DashchanBonziBuddy.apk
brchan brchan.org DashchanBrchan.apk
britfags britfa.gs DashchanBritfags.apk
bunbunmaru bunbunmaru.com DashchanBunbunmaru.apk
cablesix cable6.net DashchanCableSix.apk
candydollchan candydollchan.org DashchanCandydollchan.apk
chaosach chaos.cyberpunk.us DashchanChaosach.apk
chiochan 410chan.org DashchanChiochan.apk
chuckdfwk chuck.dfwk.ru DashchanChuckDfwk.apk
cirno iichan.hk DashchanCirno.apk
dangeru dangeru.us DashchanDangeru.apk
diochan diochan.com DashchanDiochan.apk
dobrochan dobrochan.com DashchanDobrochan.apk
dvach 2ch.hk DashchanDvach.apk
endchan endchan.xyz DashchanEndchan.apk
erlach erlach.co DashchanErlach.apk
exach exach.com DashchanExach.apk
fiftyfive 55chan.org DashchanFiftyfive.apk
fourchan 4chan.org DashchanFourchan.apk
freeportseven freeport7.org DashchanFreeportSeven.apk
gurochan gurochan.ch DashchanGurochan.apk
haibane haibane.ru DashchanHaibane.apk
haruhichan haruhichan.ovh DashchanHaruhichan.apk
horochan horochan.ru DashchanHorochan.apk
infinite 8ch.net DashchanInfinite.apk
krautchan krautchan.net DashchanKrautchan.apk
kropyvach kropyva.ch DashchanKropyvach.apk
kurisach kurisa.ch DashchanKurisach.apk
lainchan lainchan.org DashchanLainchan.apk
lolifox lolifox.org DashchanLolifox.apk
makabapaid 2channel.hk DashchanMakabaPaid.apk
meguca meguca.org DashchanMeguca.apk
nowere nowere.net DashchanNowere.apk
nullchan 0chan.hk DashchanNullchan.apk
nulldvachin 02ch.in DashchanNulldvachin.apk
nulldvachnet 02ch.net DashchanNulldvachnet.apk
nulleu 0chan.ru.net DashchanNulleu.apk
nullnyan 0nyan.ml DashchanNullnyan.apk
nullone 0chan.one DashchanNullone.apk
nulltirech 0-chan.ru DashchanNulltirech.apk
onechanca 1chan.ca DashchanOnechanca.apk
owlchan owlchan.ru DashchanOwlchan.apk
ozuchan ozuchan.ru DashchanOzuchan.apk
ponyach ponyach.ru DashchanPonyach.apk
ponychan ponychan.net DashchanPonychan.apk
princessluna princessluna.ru DashchanPrincessLuna.apk
ronery ronery.me DashchanRonery.apk
sevenchan 7chan.org DashchanSevenchan.apk
shanachan shanachan.org DashchanShanachan.apk
sharechan sharechan.org DashchanSharechan.apk
synch syn-ch.com DashchanSynch.apk
taima 420chan.org DashchanTaima.apk
tiretirech 2--ch.ru DashchanTiretirech.apk
touhouchan touhouchan.org DashchanTouhouchan.apk
tumbach tumba.ch DashchanTumbach.apk
twentyseven 27chan.org DashchanTwentySeven.apk
twowatch 2watch.su DashchanTwowatch.apk
uboachan uboachan.net DashchanUboachan.apk
valkyria u18chan.com DashchanValkyria.apk
wizardchan wizchan.org DashchanWizardchan.apk
xyntach xynta.ch DashchanXyntach.apk


Chan Name Host Extension Package Link
archiveliom loveisover.me DashchanArchiveLiom.apk
archiverbt rbt.asia DashchanArchiveRbt.apk
arhivach arhivach.org DashchanArhivach.apk
desustorage desuarchive.org DashchanDesustorage.apk
fourplebs 4plebs.org DashchanFourplebs.apk
local ( local archive ) DashchanLocal.apk
randomarchive randomarchive.com DashchanRandomArchive.apk
yakujimoe ii.yakuji.moe DashchanYakujiMoe.apk

Installation Guide

  1. Install extension packages
  2. Install client application

Remember that every time you install a new extension, you must restart the client application.

Updating Guide

Go to Preferences ⇒ About ⇒ Check for updates. After fetching updating data you can view a number of updates in title bar. Usually you just need to click on the download button and wait until downloading ends.

It is better to install extension packages and then install application package. If you download only an extension, don't forget to restart the application after updating.

Building Guide

  1. Install JDK 8 or higher
  2. Install Android SDK, define ANDROID_HOME environment variable or set sdk.dir in local.properties
  3. Install Android NDK, define ANDROID_NDK_HOME environment variable or set ndk.dir in local.properties
  4. Install Gradle
  5. Run gradle assembleRelease

The resulting APK file will appear in build/outputs/apk directory.

Build Signed Binary

You can create keystore.properties in the source code directory with the following properties:


API Keys

Dashchan uses Google API and SoundCloud API.

You can generate keys for these APIs and add them to private.properties file:


Building extenions

The source code of extensions is available in the Dashchan Extensions repository.

The source code of video player extension is available in the Dashchan Webm repository.


Dashchan is licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0.