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Boost includes a Maven and Gradle plugin to make it easier to build your MicroProfile applications.

There are two, separate active Boost projects.

with a Boost Gradle project under development.

Using the Boost Maven Plugin

Please see the boost-maven plugin documentation for details on using boost in your maven application project.

To see an example of Boost in use in a maven application project, please see our sample application project here

Developing Boost

If you are interested in contributing to Boost, read the wiki for more information.

All contributions require a DCO signoff, details of which can be found here

If you are interested in the Boost runtime adapter SPI, it is described in greater detail in the Boost Runtimes Adapter SPI page of the wiki.

Building Boost

You will need to build the boost-common project before building the boost-maven project. We provide some scripts below to simplify this process.

Boost Maven Plugin

To build the Boost Maven Plugin: