NovaGuilds is my own guilds plugin, still in development, but I want to hear your opinions and ideas.
Check the wiki on github for details.
Please leave feedback!

I do not allow anybody to publish compiled source (.jar) on their websites.
Please download NovaGuilds' binary files only from, github and
The safest way is to compile it yourself!
You are free to redistribute modified versions of source code to others, but you must not distribute compiled versions of the plugin using the name NovaGuilds.

Vault is required!
Essentials is optional but highly recommended!
BarAPI/BossBarAPI is optional (Not anymore since 1.9, it's not needed)
HolographicDisplays is optional
VanishNoPacket is supported by the plugin
ScoreBoardStats is optional

Join the chat at Build Status


The plugin works on all versions including and above 1.7.5


If you need support:
Visit issues page
Send me an email
Send me a message using XMPP/Jabber: [email protected]

How to compile NovaGuilds on your own?

First of all, you'll need to download the source. Download the zip from github and unpack, or (and this is a better idea) Then you need Maven to build the project. Download it from public repositories (your machine probably runs Linux). 'cd' into plugin's directory and build it. My project uses CraftBukkit 1.7.10-R0.1 Please build it on your own, because redistributing is against its license.

git clone
cd NovaGuilds/
mvn clean install

Special thanks:

@x_2088 for Chinese translation
@Mondanzo for German translation
@SgtLegoTown for Dutch translation
@Noiknez for French translation





Planned features

Undocumented features (bugs)


Command Description Usage
/novaguilds, /ng Main cmd and plugin info /novaguilds [cmd] [params]
/guild, /g Main guild command /g to list commands
/ng tool Get NovaGuilds tool! Read its lore.
/nga Admin commands Alias: /ng admin
/nga reload Reload the plugin /nga reload
/nga rg bypass Toggle region bypass /nga rg bypass [player]
/create Create a guild /create
/abandon Abandon your guild /abandon
/guildinfo, /gi Guild's information /gi
/join Join a guild /join [name]
/leave leave the guild /leave


Permission Description
novaguilds.admin.access Access to /nga
novaguilds.admin.config.access Access /nga config
novaguilds.admin.config.get /nga config get
novaguilds.admin.config.reload /nga config reload
novaguilds.admin.config.reset /nga config reset /nga config save
novaguilds.admin.config.set /nga config set
novaguilds.admin.error.access /nga error
novaguilds.admin.error.list /nga error list
novaguilds.admin.player.access /nga error
novaguilds.admin.player.set.points /nga error list
novaguilds.admin.guild.access Access to /nga g
novaguilds.admin.guild.abandon /nga g abandon /nga g pay /nga g withdraw
novaguilds.admin.guild.inactive.update /nga g inactive update
novaguilds.admin.guild.inactive.clean /nga g inactive clean
novaguilds.admin.guild.inactive.list /nga g inactive list
novaguilds.admin.guild.invite /nga g invite
novaguilds.admin.guild.kick /nga g kick
novaguilds.admin.guild.list /nga g list
novaguilds.admin.guild.set.leader /nga g leader
novaguilds.admin.guild.set.liveregenerationtime /nga g liveregentime
novaguilds.admin.guild.set.lives /nga g lives /nga g setname
novaguilds.admin.guild.set.points /nga g setpoints
novaguilds.admin.guild.set.tag /nga g setpoints
novaguilds.admin.guild.set.timerest /nga g timerest
novaguilds.admin.guild.set.slots /nga g slots
novaguilds.admin.guild.purge /nga g purge/td>
novaguilds.admin.guild.teleport.self /nga g tp
novaguilds.admin.guild.teleport.other /nga g tp
novaguilds.admin.guild.fullinfo Display full guild's info
novaguilds.admin.guild.reset.points Reset guild's points
novaguilds.admin.guild.rank.access Accessing admin rank commands
novaguilds.admin.guild.rank.list Listing ranks
novaguilds.admin.guild.rank.edit Editing ranks
novaguilds.admin.guild.rank.delete Deleting ranks
novaguilds.admin.guild.rank.set Setting ranks
novaguilds.admin.hologram.access /nga h
novaguilds.admin.hologram.list /nga h
novaguilds.admin.hologram.teleport /nga h /nga h
novaguilds.admin.hologram.delete /nga h
novaguilds.admin.hologram.add /nga h
novaguilds.admin.hologram.addtop /nga h
novaguilds.admin.region.access /nga rg bypass
novaguilds.admin.region.bypass.self /nga rg bypass
novaguilds.admin.region.bypass.other /nga rg bypass
novaguilds.admin.region.change.spectate.self /nga rg spectate
novaguilds.admin.region.change.spectate.other /nga rg spectate
novaguilds.admin.region.delete /nga rg delete
novaguilds.admin.region.list /nga rg list
novaguilds.admin.region.teleport.self /nga rg tp /nga rg buy
novaguilds.admin.region.enlarge /nga rg enlarge [index]
novaguilds.admin.region.teleport.other /nga rg tp
novaguilds.admin.region.spectate Spectate others' area selection
novaguilds.admin.reload /nga reload /nga save [guilds/players/regions] Autosave notify message
novaguilds.admin.updateavailable Update notify message
novaguilds.admin.chatspy.self Toggle your chat spy mode
novaguilds.admin.chatspy.other Toggle somebodies chat spy mode
novaguilds.admin.migrate Migrate data to other storage
novaguilds.admin.noconfirm Execute commands without /confirm
novaguilds.guild.access /g
novaguilds.guild.abandon /abandon
novaguilds.guild.leave /leave /g ally [guild] /g pay /g withdraw
novaguilds.guild.compass /g compass
novaguilds.guild.create /create
novaguilds.guild.effect /g effect
novaguilds.guild.home /g home
novaguilds.guild.home.set /g home set
novaguilds.guild.invite /invite
novaguilds.guild.join /join [guild]
novaguilds.guild.kick /g kick
novaguilds.guild.pvptoggle /g pvp
novaguilds.guild.requireditems /g items /g top
novaguilds.guild.vault.restore /g vault
novaguilds.guild.war /g war [guild]
novaguilds.guild.buylife /g buylife
novaguilds.guild.buyslot /g buyslot
novaguilds.guild.chatmode Change chat mode /gi [guild]
novaguilds.guild.leader /g leader Guild's menu
novaguilds.guild.boss Soon.
novaguilds.guild.openinvitation /g Set guild's name
novaguilds.guild.set.tag Set guild's tag
novaguilds.guild.rank.access Accessing rank commands
novaguilds.guild.rank.list Listing ranks
novaguilds.guild.rank.edit Editing ranks
novaguilds.guild.rank.delete Deleting ranks
novaguilds.guild.rank.set Setting ranks
novaguilds.region.access /g rg
novaguilds.region.create /g rg buy
novaguilds.region.resize Resize with the tool
novaguilds.region.delete /g rg delete
novaguilds.region.enlarge /g rg enlarge [index]
novaguilds.region.list /g rg list No tag in chat
novaguilds.playerinfo /pi or right click player with shift
novaguilds.tool.check Checking regions with the tool
novaguilds.tool.get /ng tool
novaguilds.error Receive errors (for admins)
novaguilds.novaguilds /novaguilds
novaguilds.confirm /confirm