Shuffle Move v0.3.128

A program to identify and display the best next move for the game Pokémon Shuffle. I do not own any part of Pokémon Shuffle, which is the property of Nintendo. All credit is given in the documentation within the source code.


  1. Update to at least Java 8 (Java 8u51 for best performance).

    See here for the Java 8u51 archive.

  2. Launch Shuffle Move vX.X.X.jar

    Windows: Use Shuffle Move vX.X.X.exe
    Other: Use Shuffle Move vX.X.X.jar or from the command line navigate to this directory and enter: java -jar "<Jar name>"


  1. Install
  2. Launch program
  3. Click Help → Help to see the help documentation. For all other problems, see the release thread listed at Reddit.

Planned Features

See the Issues page.


Email: [email protected]


Copyright 2015-2017 Andrew Meyers
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Portuguese Translations: Rafael Dias Gomes
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This program is licensed under GNU General Public License Version 3. Please read and agree to the terms of the included license before use.