UNO API of LibreOffice easy and understandable - Nice Office Access

NOA-libre is an object-oriented lightweight Java wrapper around LibreOffice UNO API, providing higher-level abstraction of many UNO interfaces. It is a fork of Ubion's NOA (Nice Office Access) built around API of


Find documentation in the Wiki.

There are also a number of examples in the examples folder.


To build NOA-libre, maven-ant-tasks is needed to pull LibreOffice Java artifacts from Maven central repository. Install it into your ant's lib/ directory or adjust ${ant.lib} property in build.xml accordingly to point to maven-ant-tasks location.

Additionally, you need swt.jar added to your build path. Download the matching version for your operating system from and add it to the build path (e.g. place it in lib folder.

Release Notes

Please read Release Notes if you are upgrading from older versions of NOA-libre