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WARNING: This project is no longer maintained. Kyoko v3 has been completely rewritten from scratch (using TypeScript and Elixir, maybe some day we'll open the source back). This code kinda sucks, feel free to use it for reference purposes or fork it if you really want to.

Kyoko is an open-source and multipurpose Discord bot. It's regularly developed, new features are constantly added, but if you want suggest something or just talk to us, please check out our Discord server.

Self-hosting guide


If you want to contribute to Kyoko, while it's not really necessary consider join our server to get in direct contact with Kyoko maintainers.

Steps for building from source (no IDE needed)

We use Gradle build system to build Kyoko, so the only thing you really need is JDK (I assume you already have it, if not look above), the wrapper will download it automatically.

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Navigate to project root directory from terminal (location of cloned repo)
  3. Run gradlew assemble or ./gradlew assemble on Unix-like systems
  4. After successful build, the kyokobot.jar (bot core with libraries, contains entry point) and modules (Don't forget to copy them - they contain the bot logic!) will be placed in deploy directory.

If you want to run Kyoko from IDE - delegate your build tasks to Gradle (add assemble task before build if it doesn't rebuild modules), point your working directory to <project root>/deploy (otherwise bot will not respond to any commands because no modules are getting loaded).

Custom module development

Not ready yet - although we are developing chiaki - an easy to use Discord bot framework you can build modules (and even entire bot) on, aiming to replace Kyoko core parts in near future.



Click here to invite the bot to server


Command list

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