:warning: Kettle is still raw and you may encounter issues with using it as your server software. This software is not yet ready for Production use. You have been warned!



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What's Kettle?

Kettle is the next link in the hybrid server chain: Kettle :arrow_right: Contigo :arrow_right: Thermos :arrow_right: KCauldron :arrow_right: Cauldron :arrow_right: MCPC+

Kettle was initially conceived as a fork of Contigo, but after a few iterations got rid of Contigo's dependencies and can no longer be concidered it's fork, but a standalone hybrid server.

Kettle is dependent on custom Forge and Paper builds, meaning it can run both Craftbukkit/spigot-based plugins and forge-based mods.

We hope to eliminate all issues with craftbukkit forge servers. In the end, we envision a seamless, low lag Kettle experience with support for new 1.12+ versions of Minecraft.



  1. Download the server from the Releases section
  2. Make a new folder for the server
  3. Move the server to the folder and rename it to kettle.jar
  4. Make a launch script

Building the sources

All builds are available in build/distributions


You are welcome to visit Kettle Discord server here.

More Kettle!

For unstable/test builds, you can check KettleDev!

For 1.14.4 builds, you can check Kettle-1.14.4!