Bluetooth Example

BlueToothDemo is a simple example of how to startup a bluetooth client and server. You will need to install this example on two devices (not the simulators, doesn't work there). Once the connections are made, it just like any other network code.

ControllerSimpleDemo is a simple demo for using a bluetooth controller like a joystick or game controller

controller is a google's example for the Controller. Nothing was changed, only it's now setup for studio.

BLEScannerDemo scan for ble devices and attempts to connect them via the gatt classes

BluetoothLEDemo is example of how the advertise and discovery via BLE

BluetoothLEperipheral is an all in one BLE example I got from another example and updated.

These are example code for University of Wyoming, Cosc 4730 Mobile Programming course. All examples are for Android.