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An IntelliJ IDEA plugin that detects code smells in Java code and recommends appropriate refactorings to resolve them. All of the suggested refactorings can be carried out automatically from within the plugin.

Based on JDeodorant Eclipse plugin.

Supported code smells

The tool supports several code smells, namely Feature Envy, Type/State Checking, Long Method, and God Class.

Getting started

The IntelliJDeodorant tool window will appear in IntelliJ IDEA. Each tab of this window contains a Refresh button that allows to search for the necessary code smell in the entire project and the table with the results of the search. To apply any refactoring, simply select a suggestion in the table and click the Refactor button.


If you have any questions about the plugin or want to report any bugs, feel free to contact us using Gitter or GitHub Issues.
If you want to contribute, please create pull requests.