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Java Database Access Layer Framework

Dekaf is Java framework for working with databases, primarily via JDBC. Dekaf is NOT an ORM.

Major Dekaf versions:

Version Status
1.x (codename Hydrogen) Not supported
2.0.0.x This version. Stable
3.x Is under development


Three categories of problems lead me to start authoring a new DB layer framework.

JDBC problems:

DB dialect problems:

Development and debug of applications problem


R.2.0 features:

Key features to address the problems mentioned above:

R.2.0 supported RDBMS:

The Name

The name 'Dekaf' means that this framework allows to avoid all pains and problems belonging naturally to pure JDBC API.

A coffee (Java) without headache.

P.S. The former name of this framework is JDBA (just Java DataBase Access).