Jadira Framework

Jadira is an open source framework that fills some of the gaps needed to integrate common, pervasive Java frameworks and formats. More details on individual modules follows below.

Jadira is licensed under the business-friendly Apache 2.0 licence.


Detailed documentation is available at:


Releases are published into Maven Central. You can find the releases in Maven Central repository Stable releases are identified via the suffix 'GA' whilst alpha, beta and candidate releases are also clearly identified.


Issue tracking and active development is via GitHub.


Provides user types and classes for use with Hibernate. Includes user types for use with the new javax.time, Joda Time, LibPhonenum, JDK Enums and other datatypes. Where possible these types are compatible with the equivalent Joda Time - Hibernate user types.

User Types includes user types for Joda Time. These are designed for interoperability wherever possible with the provided JSR 310 user types. These can be used as an alternative to Joda Time Contrib's persistent types.


Bindings is a library supporting a variety of methods for defining bindings between classes and their String representation


Cloning provides fast deep cloning capabilities for almost any Java object.


CDT provides common data types for commonly used types such as ISO Country Codes, Phone Numbers and other types.


Quant provides classes implementing common quantitative functions.


Scanner provides capability for scanning the classpath without loading classes.


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