Fast Optimized Image/Video Enhancement Methods


It is a set of image/video enhancement methods, implemented by Java, to tackle several common tasks, such as dehazing, denoising, underwater backscatter removal, low illuminance enhancement, featuring, smoothing and etc.

NOTE that this repository is the integration of several repositories of Image/Video processing on my GitHub, and those standalone repositories will be deprecated later.


This Java project contains five different models for image/video enhancement methods as we as the MATLAB codes (in matlab directory) for each of them.

Despite the above methods implemented in both Java and MATLAB, below contains several image enhancement and underwater restoration algorithms implemented in MATLAB (They will be implemented in Java in the future).



Adaptive Local Tone Mapping Based on Retinex for HDR Image

Image Enhancement Based on Retinex and Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform

Single Image Haze Removal Using Dark Channel Prior

Optimized Contrast Enhancement for Real-time Image and Video Dehazing

Enhancing Underwater Images and Videos by Fusion

Removing Backscatter to Enhance the Visibility of Underwater Object