A big data cluster management tool that creates and manages clusters of different technologies. It provides visual, graphical, and email notifications regarding the health of a Cluster that allow Cluster Administrators to take informed actions.

Supported OS


The software prerequisites are as follow:

Getting Started

How to install

The guide will help you to setup and start the server.

Check out source code from git repo.

git clone

Or you can download source from and extract it.

Change directory to the repository folder.

Build package

mvn package

You will get package at target/ankush-x.y.z.tar.gz. Copy the package to the location where you want to deploy.

Extract package

tar -xvf ankush-x.y.z.tar.gz

How to use

Start Ankush


You can access server with credentials admin:admin at http://<your IP>:8080/ankush

Stop Ankush