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NoiseCapture App is Android App dedicated to the measurement of environmental noise.


NoiseCapture App is an Android App project for measuring environmental noise using a smartphone. The goal is to produce relevant noise indicators from audio measurements, including a geospatial representation. Measurements can be shared with the community in order to produce participatory noise maps. NoiseCapture App is a component of a global infrastructure, i.e. a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), called the OnoMap SDI, that allows to process and represent the geospatial information, like noise maps.


NoiseCapture App features are divided into 3 parts:


NoiseCapture App is a collaboration between the Environmental Acoustic Research unit (Ifsttar) and the Lab-STICC CNRS. If you need more information about the project developped by the Environmental Acoustic Research unit and the Lab-STICC, on this topic, go to http://www.noise-planet.org.


This application was developed under the initial funding the European project ENERGIC-OD, with the help of the GEOPAL program.


NoiseCapture App is released under the GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3. Please refer to GPLv3 for more details.

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