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Styx is a programmable reverse proxy for JVM (Java Virtual Machine). It can be used as a stand-alone application, or as a platform to build custom networking applications. It is non-blocking, fully asynchronous and event driven therefore very scalable.


Styx Proxies HTTP requests to a configurable set of Backend Services typically a cluster of web servers (multiple origins) or load balancers (e.g. AWS ELB).

Requests are subjected to an interceptor chain (conceptualy a HTTP filter chain), which can respond or modify and pass through the request to the backend services. The interceptor chain can be easily extended by Plugins written in Java.

Styx additional capabilities:

Most additional features can be extended via the Java Service Provider Interface (SPI) model.

The plugin and the SPI (Service Provider Interface) model enables developers to build custom HTTP applications easily on top of Styx, which takes care of common proxy server related functionality. Developers can then concentrate on the value-add business logic.

Use cases of Styx Plugins

Useful Information

Quick Start

A quick-start guide can be found on our wiki.

User Manual

User guide explains how to run and operate Styx as a standalone application.

Developer Resources

Our Developer guide explains how to build applications on top of Styx. It also explains how to build and run Styx.

If you want to help to contribute to Styx project, please check Contributor guide to find out how to start.

Got a Question?

Contact us via styx-user group.




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This project is licensed under the Apache License v2.0 - see the LICENSE.txt file for details.

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Licencing terms for any derived work and dependant libraries are documented in NOTICE files.