ELM327 Tester Application

This is a tester application in order to connect to OBD-II dongle via Bluetooth and get response.

Since STN1110 commands are compatible with ELM327, you are able to use this application to make sure STN1110 is working properly. However, I have not tested this app against STN1110 yet.

Getting started


You should be connected to the dongle and ready to send your commands but application tries to send AT Z, AT SP 0, 0105, 010C, 010D and 0131 commands in order once application launched.

Simulator Mode

If you want to modify this application based on your needs and don't want to sit inside your car, you are able to install this application on another device then by click on Toggle Simulator/OBD mode from menu, you are able to use it as OBD device. Then this device acs as OBD-II device and whatever you write will be received by your application.


Enable simulator mode In normal usage