A bot for Discord that alerts a channel when Twitch streams go live

Created by Gyoo

Join the Discord server to invite Streambot to your server !

How to use (Commands, process)

!streambot <command>

commands : List of available commands

streams : List of online streams (will send you a PM)

add <option> <content> : Add data to the bot (see options below)

remove <option> <content> : Remove data from the bot

list <option> : List data from the bot

notify <me|everyone|here> : Adds a mention at the beginning of the announce. me will add a mention to you, everyone will add the "everyone" mention, here will add the "here" mention. (Type command again to remove existing notification)

enable : Activates bot after configuration

disable : Disactivates bot

invite : Gives an invite link so people can get the bot on their own server !

compact on|off : Enables/Disables compact mode

cleanup <none|edit|delete> : When a stream goes offline, choose to either leave the message (none), edit the "NOW LIVE" to "OFFLINE" or delete the announce

move <channel> : Moves the bot announces to another channel (Must use the #channel identifier !)

permissions <use|queue|forbid> <command> <role|everyone> : Gives permission level for a command to the users of a role (supports add and remove commands only currently)

queue : shows queued commands by users with the QUEUE permission set. Warning : Using this command cleans the queue !

donate : If you like my work, please consider making a donation :)

Options :

game : Game name based on Twitch's list (must be the exact name to work !)

channel : Twitch channel name

tag : Word or group of words that must be present in the stream's title

team : Twitch team name (ID as mentioned in the team link : twitch.tv/team/)

manager : Discord user (must use the @ alias when using this option !)

Recommended process

Invite the bot from anywhere using this link : https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?&client_id=170832003715956746&scope=bot&permissions=224256

WARNING : You must be the owner of a server to invite the bot to said server

Your Server

!streambot add channel <Twitch channel> if you want to add channels to Streambot. No link, only channel name (Example : !streambot add channel gyoo_)

!streambot add game <Twitch game> if you want Streambot to announce every stream with the given game(s). Game name must be the same as on Twitch, copy/pasting is recommended. (Example : !streambot add game The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

!streambot add tag <Tag> if you want to filter streams that only contain some tags in the title. (Example : !streambot add tag speedrun)

Once configured, !streambot enable

If you set both channels, games and tags, then streams will appear if channel is playing game with tag in his title. Keep that in mind when configuring Streambot !

From now on, multiple contents can be added in a single command for the game, channeland tag options, using the "|" symbol between each content.

Example : !streambot add channel gyoo_ | gamesdonequick | europeanspeedsterassembly

Details for permissions

Commands supported are currently add and remove only. I can add some more with your feedback about this feature.

Permissions are set for a given role. Please type the exact Role name, or everyone to give the permission level to... everyone, no matter the role.

Development, help

Please check the issues to see both bugs to fix and features to add !

If you have any questions (as the code is mostly not documented, I know it's bad), please hit me on the Streambot Discord server, link is above


To test the bot on your side, ask me directly for the process. Things have changed since Discord created the BOT accounts.