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Gwt Material Design Extra Components for

Current Version 2.3.0


Snapshot Version 2.3.1-SNAPSHOT


Import the theme in your GWT Module

<inherits name=""/>

Define the ui:binder with single import (e.g Bubble and Timer Picker using a single package import)


<!-- Bubble -->
<ma:bubble.MaterialBubble >
  <m:MaterialLabel text="Bubble" />
<!-- Time Picker -->
<ma:timpicker:MaterialTimePicker placeholder="Time Arrival"/>
Addin Name Dependency Version
Autocomplete N/A N/A
Avatar JDenticon 1.3.2
Bubble N/A N/A
Camera N/A N/A
Carousel SlickJs 1.6.0
Circular Progress jquery-circle-progress 1.2.2
ComboBox Select2 4.0.3
CountUp CountUpJs 1.9.0
Cutout N/A N/A
Document Viewer N/A N/A
Dnd InteractJs 1.2.6
EmptyState N/A N/A
File Uploader DropzoneJs 4.3.0
Icon Morph N/A N/A
Image Cropper CroppieJs 2.5.0
Input Mask JQuery-Mask-Plugin 1.14.10
Live Stamp LiveStamp 1.1.2
Masonry Masonry 4.0.0
Menubar N/A N/A
Overlay N/A N/A
Path Animator CTAJs 0.3.2
Popup Menu N/A N/A
Rating N/A N/A
Rich Editor Material Note 1.2.1
Scrollfire N/A N/A
Signature Pad SignaturePad 2.3.0
SideProfile N/A N/A
SplitPanel TouchSplitterJQuery 0.5.1
Steppers N/A N/A
Subheader N/A N/A
Swipeable N/A N/A
Time Picker ClockPicker 0.0.7
Tree View N/A N/A
Waterfall N/A N/A
Window N/A N/A


We created Java Docs for better understanding the usage of addins.

Package Information


addin_widget - The name of the addin widget - Main / Parent Package for Entry Point Classes - Base Widgets e.g. ButtonBase Helper Classes for widgets e.g. UiHelper Java Mixins Classes e.g. TypeMixins Enum Constants e.g. SideNavTypes Custom Events for custom widget e.g. ClearActiveEvent Resource Interface definitions for js files e.g. MaterialResources

resources Where module.gwt.xml is located e.g. GWTMaterialAddins.gwt.xml Image Resources of Addins module Javascript Files of Addins module

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