ZelixKiller 11

Outdated! Use threadtear!

Kill every protection by zelix.com with zelixkiller11!


Argument Short Version Description
--help -? Displays help
--input -i Specify input file
--output -o Specify output file
--transformer -t Specify transformer
--verbose -v Print more information


ZKM 11

Transformer Short Version Description
String Obfuscation s11 Deobfuscates (enhanced) string obfuscation
String Obfuscation (Cipher Version) sivm11 / si11 Deobfuscates string obfuscation that uses DES Cipher and invokedynamic calls
Reference Obfuscation rvm11 Deobfuscates reflection obfuscation
Control Flow Obfuscation cf11 Deobfuscates flow obfuscation


Transformer Short Version Description
String Obfuscation s8 (*) Deobfuscates (enhanced) string obfuscation
Reference Obfuscation r8 Deobfuscates reflection obfuscation
Control Flow Obfuscation cf8 (*) Deobfuscates flow and exception obfuscation

ZKM General

Transformer Short Version Description
Exception Obfuscation ex Removes redundant try catch blocks

Transformers marked with a star may also work using transformers intended for more recent versions. Crossed out means that the transformer is not implemented yet.

Which transformer

If you're not sure which transformer you should use please use this guide.

Libraries needed

commons-io 2.6, commons-cli 1.4, asm 6+


zelixkiller is licensed under the GNU General Public License 3.0


Do not deobfuscate any file that doesn't belong to you.
Please open an issue or send me an email if your file won't deobfuscate properly. If a "fault-proxy-dump" file is created please attach.
Transformers that use vm emulation could possibly execute dangerous code, use with caution!
Note that output files are most likely not runnable. If you still want to try to run them use "-noverify" as JVM argument!
This tool is intended for Java 8 but it will probably run on higher versions too.