JByteMod is a multifunctional bytecode editor with syntax highlighting and live decompiling and method graphing. The successor of JByteMod: https://github.com/GraxCode/Cafebabe

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JByteMod was originally based on JBytedit (Written in Kotlin) by QMatt. I decided to recode it after QMatt deleted his account because it wasn't very stable and had almost no features.


Argument Description
--help Displays help
--file File to open (.jar / .class)
--dir Working directory
--config Config file name



To create a plugin you have to extend me.grax.jbytemod.Plugin and export it as a .jar file.


To install a plugin you have to place the .jar file in a folder named "plugins" (that's in the same directory as JByteMod)

Example Plugin


How to build

mvn clean
mvn package
java -jar target/JByteMod-1.5.1.jar