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Google App Engine Gradle plugin

This Gradle plugin provides tasks to build and deploy Google App Engine applications.


Gradle is required to build and run the plugin. Version compatibility is listed below.

appengine-gradle-plugin gradle version
2.0.0 + 4.0 or newer
1.3.3 + 3.4.1 or newer
1.0.0 - 1.3.2 3.0 or newer

Google Cloud SDK is required but will be automatically installed by the plugin.

How to use

In your Gradle App Engine Java app, add the following plugin to your build.gradle:

apply plugin: ''

The plugin JAR needs to be defined in the classpath of your build script. It is directly available on Maven Central. Alternatively, you can download it from GitHub and deploy it to your local repository. The following code snippet shows an example on how to retrieve it from Maven Central:

buildscript {
  repositories {

  dependencies {
    classpath ''

You can now run commands like ./gradlew appengineDeploy in the root folder of your Java application.

Goals and Configuration

Please see the USER GUIDE for a full list of supported goals and configuration options.

Reference Documentation

App Engine Standard Environment:

App Engine Flexible Environment:


If you wish to contribute to this plugin, please see the contributor instructions.