Floobits plugin for IntelliJ

Real-time collaborative editing. Think Etherpad, but with native editors. This is the plugin for IntelliJ. We also have plugins for Emacs, Vim, and Sublime Text.

This plugin also works with IntelliJ forks like RubyMine, PHPStorm, PyCharm, WebStom, Android Studio, and AppCode.


Download from JetBrains

Development status: Functional

This plugin should be completely functional. If you encounter any errors please email [email protected].

The Intellij IDEA plugin for Floobits is our most stable plugin so far. It works with all IntelliJ IDEA forks, except the stable version of PyCharm. The EAP version of PyCharm works fine.

Installation Instructions


You'll need to setup your plugin environment.

JetBrains instructions

A helpful guide

Questions? Join us on IRC: #Floobits on Freenode

Floobits status

Making changes to common

Changes in "common" are shared across IDEs (like Eclipse). Changes there should be pushed to the git subtree.

To set up the git subtree for common:

git remote add -f common [email protected]:Floobits/plugin-java-common.git

Pushing changes for common:

git subtree push --prefix=src/floobits/common common master