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A Tinker's Construct inspired Spigot plugin. It currently has over 40 modifiers with more planned. Almost everything is configurable: recipes, level caps, which modifiers are enabled, etc.


This repository is maintained by Flo56958 and mainly contributed by Draycia and Flo56958. Everything is made in our free time and we are getting no money for making this plugin. It is mostly because we enjoy coding and having fun making this Plugin. The development of MineTinker is therefore as fast as we see fit and have the necessary time and motivation implement new features and fix bugs. The release schedule is not fixed and depends on the features and bugfixes planned for the next release which can vary greatly with further development. If you cannot wait on a feature you want to add to MineTinker you are more than welcome to add the feature yourself and send us a pull request. I you need support on a code topic, we are glad to assist! (But please do not anoy us with questions on release schedules and how long untill a feature is implemented.)

How to contribute to this repository:

MineTinker is in active development and we are constantly fixing bugs and adding new features. Everyone is welcome to contribute to this plugin.

There are several options for contributing:

How to configure MineTinker on a server:

MineTinker has multiple config files, each containing other options and settings. The main config contains the core settings for the plugin. Each modifier has its own config file saved in the 'Modifiers'-folder. These settings are unique to the modifier. You can access the ingame-Configurations-Editor via the command /mt editconfig.

All config files (except the main one) are generated by Java code when the plugin is first run. Therefore, the repository does not contain those files directly. The explanation of these settings is next to the Java code for the specific option (for the modifiers this is in the reload()-method)

Incompatible Plugins:

MineTinker may and will be incompatible to certain plugins.
Incompatibilities may most likely occur with plugins:

MineTinker will check on startup for known incompatible Plugins and will warn in the console if something was found. Some incompatibilities can be negated by tweaking MineTinkers configuration files. If known plugins were found and MineTinker knows how to react to them, it will try to tweak itself automaticly.

If you found incompatible Plugins that are not known to MineTinker, please consider creating an Issue or contact us on Discord.